Peer farming making a difference

Peer farming making a difference

One of our priorities in 2016 was to build the CRESS agricultural programme in South Sudan.  This began with the setting up of three farming and discipleship groups in three areas of Kajo Keji County.  The groups learnt how to grow staple crops and learn new farming methods, so providing real hope for the future of the families involved by improving health but also because the women involved could sell some of the vegetables grown.  In a country where you must pay for everything from education to health care creating an opportunity for earning money to help pay for things makes a huge difference to the people CRESS seeks to support.

We now have two more teams training in Uganda, made possible by funds from the James Reckitt Foundation.  Peer Farming means that the skills learnt can be further shared in the villages, making it a highly cost effective way of helping a greater number of people.

Where famine and hunger is a day to day occurrence and one meal a day is the norm, teaching farming skills is a practical way of making a difference.

Below is a message that we have received from Joseph and the first update on how the latest group is getting on.

Dear Caroline

The day of yesterday was a very successfully for CRESS having 2 team in training in Uganda. Jessica and Jacky arrived successfully to Gulu, received by Godfrey.  After lunch Fred and I visited our group leaders training in Kassenge Riverford organic centre training institute. what a great encouragement we are created. the training manager appreciated the careful selection of the team who are very open and willing to learn. we met the 5 students and they took us around, showing to us what they have learn from diary, piggery, vegetable management and green house. All of them lecture to us and we are amaze to see the level of knowledge they were able to acquire within a week. we are sure of what will the remaining 3 weeks will do in their lives. They all love the training and determine to put into practice to change their lives, families and community. Thank you so much Caroline for your vision and hard work for us all. seed for life is already planted to a fertile soil.