Trauma Training

Training to help children through traumas

Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy Training Project

CATT Trainees

In January 2019 CRESS trained 15 counsellors from within the South Sudanese refugee communities, using the Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy (CATT) training protocol, so that these skills are embedded within their communities to provide therapy to their children + young people, for whom there is no mental health provision in Uganda.

The Diocese of Liwolo worked in conjunction with the CATT License holder, Action for Child Trauma International (ACTI), to deliver this training:  Trainees were selected by the Diocese, identifying those who had the ability and time to build relationships with their young people and deliver the therapy effectively.

ACTI provided two Ugandan accredited CATT trainers to deliver the training and provide ongoing supervision/refresher training while CRESS develops a system of peer group support for our trained CATT counsellors.

In September CRESS appointed Lulu Emmanuel as Co-ordinator of Emotional Health + CATT for Children & Young People, to facilitate the training and peer support necessary across eight different settlements and camps in NW Uganda.

Outcome of the CATT Training

Fiona and LuluSince February 2019 they have helped 255 young people, who have experienced unimaginable trauma due to the civil war in South Sudan.

Our co-ordinator and CATT counsellor Lulu reported: “Excellent training. These new skills will help me in freeing young people from their past trauma wherever I will go!”

Our CATT counsellor Beatrice said “I can feel my confidence growing in my practice as I see the results of my work. It gives me the desire to help more children and have more love for them. Now that my own trauma has gone away, I have more capacity.”

And from Margret (age 15) who has received CATT: “…I am excited to announce that my mind is now free from the past bad experiences and I can now do my normal daily duties as a young housewife. If given the opportunity I would like to go back to school and study like the other girls…after my pregnancy. I know lots of young girls suffering like me…and I am going to direct them to the (CATT) counsellor so that they can have the same treatment.”