Trauma Training

Training to help children through traumas

Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy Training Project

CRESS aims to train counsellors from within the South Sudanese refugee communities, using the Children’s Accelerated Trauma Therapy (CATT) training protocol, so that therapy is available for their children.

The Diocese of Liwolo will work in conjunction with the CATT License holder, the Luna Children’s Charity to deliver this training. The Diocese will select the first cohort of 15 adults to attend the training, identifying those who have the time and ability to build relationships with the children to deliver the therapy effectively.

The CATT training course will last 5 days and will take place in Arua.

The Luna Children’s Charity will provide two Ugandan accredited CATT trainers to deliver the training to this first group of adults and will then provide ongoing supervision of those newly trained counsellors, once they are working with the children within their communities.

Desired outcome of the CATT Training

It is hoped that CRESS will train 15 CATT accredited counsellors to begin this important work of providing therapy support to traumatised children within their communities across a number of refugee settlements.