onion fields

Esther’s onion field

Improving agricultural productivity is our top priority as it will positively impact on both health and the local economy. Currently South Sudan barely manages a subsistence level of production, which when combined with poor food storage provision means that many people face starvation in the dry season. Due to the upheaval caused by years of war, the knowledge, skills and techniques required to be productive on the land have sadly been lost.

What seeds are we sowing?

We are developing an agriculture programme which looks to build the knowledge and skills required to raise the level of production, to enable families to feed themselves throughout the year and to also have the opportunity to sell excess produce in local markets. By becoming more productive people will then be able to fund their children’s education and when required access healthcare.

We have already trialled the scheme with four people being funded to attend the Kasenge Riverford Organic Farm School in Uganda. They returned with much hope and knowledge and are putting this into practice in their own ‘gardens’. We also supply tools and seeds to help them get started.

The ‘Fab Four’

Have now become ‘Agricultural Advisors’ and they are now cascading their knowledge and new farming techniques learnt into their local communities. A further two people have also now been trained at Kasenge. The quantity and range of produce now being grown is impacting on health through an improved diet and is starting to produce small scale economic benefit.

This programme is managed by Golda Poni, our Enterprise Officer in South Sudan and she is bringing focus and enthusiasm to the project, which although in its infancy is already seeing impressive results!

So if you feel inspired to help families feed themselves and create an income, please make a donation.