Helping South Sudanese refugees in Uganda to become self sufficient

In partnership with the Anglican Church of South Sudan, CRESS aims to help the South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda have the range of education, knowledge and vocational skills required to enable them to form self-sufficient, sustainable and ethical communities that do not require Western aid.

In the medium to long term, when the refugees can return to their homes in South Sudan, they should be able to take these skills with them and rebuild their communities.

Current Campaigns

Christmas Appeal

CRESS Christmas Appeal

Join our Christmas appeal to raise money for our loud hailer project and for food for a Christmas Meal for the churches in the camps.

During COVID the team in Uganda found loud hailers the best method of sharing information and support with the local refugee population who have limited access to radio and limited literacy. We aim to fund 4 loud hailer systems each costing £1000 to expand this work.

RUMPS Project

Reusable Menstral Pads for South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

CRESS aims to train 200 refugee girls this summer.
On average, Ugandan schoolgirls reported missing 24 days out of 220 learning days in a year; translating into 11% of school days missed due to menstruation. Source.

Christmas Cards

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