Savings Groups


Training in savings have been given to the agricultural groups supported by CRESS to enable them to become self-sufficient, funding seeds and tools for the coming years. Thanks to the support of the Chalke Valley Lent project, CRESS has been able to fund a further 26 savings groups all in refugee camps in Uganda.

The savings groups each have around 20 people in them and with each individual’s household supporting about 15 people the impact of the groups is being felt by over 620 people throughout the refugee communities. Businesses have been started with the funds that have been saved which will in turn raise money to help families and communities grow.

If you can support this on-going project please contact us or donate today.

Jeslin and the bricks she has made after learning about saving
Jeslin and the bricks she has made

Jeslin Abate has 6 children of her own and 5 others living with her. Her husband a clergyman earns $50 per month from CRESS, they have no other funds at all. The savings training has given her some food security, ability to purchase medicines and pay school fees and start a business making and selling bricks.

She said “One day I was imagining having had this economic progress in just few months! If then this program can reach many women of my conditions, then most of them will be delivered from the suffering of cutting grass every year for renovating their grass thwacked Tukuls. Because of this, I am now building a iron sheet roofed house with my husband”.