Savings Groups For Refugees

Savings groups act like a community bank. Refugees put their money in and can then ask for loans for business or  the needs of their family. They repay back over time with interest. The groups also are encouraged to be involved in projects together to raise funds which are distributed yearly.

CRESS now supports 62 Savings groups in Imvepi refugee settlement, Mijale and the surrounding bush and Gabor. Each group has an average of 30 members giving a total of 1861 individuals.

The groups are supported with a start-up kit containing a safebox and stationary. They also have training to teach them about savings and how to make the group work for them and continuing advice from a Community Business Facilitator (CBF). To enable the CBFs CRESS has been able to donate bicycles to them to travel between groups.

Key benefits

Bishop Joseph Aba, head of the Diocese of Liwolo our delivery partner in Uganda, explains the difference the savings group make - you can also read some testimonials below.


Savings Stories

  • Business loans though savings groups in Uganda for Sam Ladu
  • Joyce selling pancakes, G/nut paste and tomatoes in Bulomoni camp
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Donate £40

To fund a new Savings Group start-up kit


To train a Savings Groups in sustainable agricultural methods and supply seeds and tools for their first season.


Funds a Community Business Facilitator to support and strengthen the groups.