Educational sponsorship making a difference

Educational sponsorship making a difference

Caroline Lamb recently received this letter from Daniel Batatis who is one of the sponsored children in South Sudan.  We have decided to share as not only a wonderful letter, which we feel our supporters should see, but proof of the difference that the educational sponsorship programme set up by CRESS is making to young lives in South Sudan.

Dear Caroline,

With great joy and love I would love to convey my love and greetings to you wishing you God’s blessing on your life.   Now I am so grateful for the service of educational sponsorship  you and Val rendered to me which has changed my life so much.  I assure you that I am never the same and I have confidence in the Lord that He will use me to change the life of others as well.  Furthermore I would like to extend my gratitude to you for the great concern you have for me.

I have nothing to give in turn but this is my wish and prayer that may the Lord Almighty grant you peace and bless you abundantly.

As CRESS students in Comboni we do have our special fellowship every weekend and also we do have scripture union fellowship every week.

Remember us in your prayers as we prepare for examinations in October and also pray for my people in Nuba Mountains and the whole Sudan for the ongoing war that the Almighty God may have mercy and avail peace among his people.

With this, God bless you.
Yours in Christ
Daniel  Batatis Kodi (Kuti)