Solar Power for Clinic Tukals

Solar Power for Clinic Tukals

Solar power on Tukals
Solar power on Clinic Tukals

Thanks to a grant from the Seedfield Trust, CRESS has been able to install solar panels on the tukals (homes) of the clinic staff. In Uganda it is dark from 6pm daily so lights will enable staff to study and continue life after dark in the evenings.

Lulu, nurse at the CRESS funded clinic in Mijale says:

Greetings…on this beautiful African morning. I am very EXCITED to inform you that there is now an adequate, constant and efficient power supply at the clinic staff Turkuls in Mijale. This power is going to help us a lot especially during night revisions/studies. This is a VERY rare opportunity to have in a remote area like this!!!

Samuel Doa, Development Coordinator also thanked CRESS saying

Thank you Lulu, CRESS UK,and DOL Management for achieving this rare achievement in a RURAL SETTING.

May the Almighty God add more resources to CRESS-UK in return.