CATT Counsellors Refresher Training Completed

CATT Counsellors Refresher Training Completed

12 CATT Counsellors attended the training; 5 from Mijale/Korijo group, 4 from Imvepi/Goboro group and 3 from Belameling/Morobi group along with the CATT trainer, Candia Umar, and the Health co-ordinator, Edward Mika.

The aims of the training were to:

  • Improve performances on CATT work
  • Refresh on CATT protocols with difficulties/CATT Case record sheets
  • Share CATT stories and working experiences
  • Understand CRESS/DOL/ACTI Child protection policies
  • Understand ACTI research forms

The team also spoke about the challenges they face undertaking the CATT Counselling in the camps, which include travelling the large distances in the camps, especially in the rains they have been experiencing.

What did the counsellors think of the refresher training?

“CATT Refresher training/supervision EXCELLENT + successfully completed & much appreciated. I enjoyed sharing CATT stories and delicious CATT meals together. Thanks to all the Cress UK donors who supported the training (Mama Caroline Lamb, Bishop Joseph + Fiona Sheldon etc…) May God bless you!”
Kiden Beatrice, a counsellor from Belameling Refugees camp

CATT Counselling refresher training
CATT Counselling refresher training in Belameling

“I appreciated the CATT refresher training on the 7th/03/2020 – It was wonderful … we obtained a lot of knowledge. I am very happy to participate in the ACTI research project and will commit myself towards it. ”
Mr. Lou Isaac, the team leader and a counsellor from Belameling Refugee camp

“The CATT refresher training was very important and it has awaken us especially in cases where management of CATT is very difficult and also in areas that were not tackled properly in the first training – so now it is easy for us to carry out the CATT work. ”
Doa Samuel, the team leader and counsellor for Imvepi refugee camp/Goboro group

“I am very happy and felt encouraged with the refresher training/supervision. I am now going to free the minds of more traumatized young children + young people including those with complex trauma and this will hopefully improve their  performances especially those  in primary/secondary school”
Rev. Gale Scopas, a counsellor from Mijale group

CRESS aims to continue training the CATT Counsellors, making it available twice a year. We also aim to provide water filters, rain protective clothing and bicycles as funds are raised.

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