Over £2,000 raised at annual sale

Over £2,000 raised at annual sale

Pauline Cullis held her annual sale at her home on Friday (6th May). This sale raises funds specifically to buy medicines for the Liwolo Clinic  and without her sale the clinic would have no medicines 

As usual, Pauline had organised some excellent stalls particularly the boutique in the van – along with some delicious cakes/ biscuits/ and coffee.  Many joined us and there were lots of friends to chat with.


Another successful event!

There seemed to be more people than any other year and amazingly over £2,000 was raised all to purchase vital medicines for the clinic. It also means that we are now full steam ahead  for the Clinical Officer as part of  our 25 / 25 appeal as there will be enough medicines to cope with the extra staff.  That sounds rather crazy doesn’t it ‘medicines before staff’, but extra staff increase the capabilities of the clinic and therefore medicines are crucial to meet the demand.

A huge thank you to Pauline who is wonderful and inspiring.

Caroline Lamb
Founder and CEO