Trip blog to the Mijale clinic

Trip blog to the Mijale clinic

Fiona’s Thoughts on Thursday

After much ‘African time’ and slipping schedules – Caroline was determined today was to be different! A rendez-vous was met on time by all travelling to Mijale today and Eric our driver known to be able to pilot a jet drove our Landrover with ‘eclat’ over 2hrs of rigi-rigi roads, arriving right on time!

The greeting we recieved was overwhelming for me – 8mths on I recognized all the pastors who had been at the conference in January, some who had been in such poor shape before but were now strong and smiling.

A time of teaching for all reinforcing emotionally healthy thinking and techniques from me and a message from brother Andrew was received by a gathering of 50.

I was then offered a very special place to do some 1:1 therapy that I had been unable to fit in in January. We shared our tookul with chickens and a goat with more animals, children and bells outside, my client was oblivious and it proved to be a significant time of healing for him.

My first visit to the clinic was exciting, meeting the team sharing achievements and the challenges up ahead with Bishop Joseph, Caroline and the CRESS team. The first clinic baby, Lilly, was there with her family too and a beautiful meal was cooked for us including vegetables grown in the new project garden.

Edward Mika the MO, led us to the 2 almost completed brick tookuls to provide staff accommodation, and Charles Kenyi (Clinic Manager) updated us on how they hoped to improve the use of the space/land in front of the clinic as a waiting area for patients, with the medical team always working on how to improve the service they offer.
Fi Sheldon