Trip Blog from the Diocese of Liwolo

Trip Blog from the Diocese of Liwolo

Today’s blog is split with input from Caroline, Fiona and Andrew as they each did something different.


Today I spent the whole day in discussions with some of the Diocese of Liwolo Leadership – it was an incredibly useful time. I worked with Bishop Joseph, Edward Mika, Alex Kenyi and we were later joined by Jeska the Education coordinator.

Our discussion covered all the projects, looking forward to developments for 2019. We also worked on the vision of building group capacity in a whole range of different skills and resilience – it was an exciting time.

A delicious lunch was cooked and served by Rina and her assistant – this was followed by spending time with our five, motivated diploma students hearing their challenges and issues – these students come from the 2 dioceses.

Finally, Pastor Mary produced a beautiful cake which had been cooked by her daughter, so we ended with “English Tea and Cake”.