Trip Blog – 10th anniversary Family Day!

Trip Blog – 10th anniversary Family Day!

Family Celebration
Family Celebration at St Paul’s Church

Today was the CRESS family day: but not just a family day, but the 10th anniversary of CRESS. And a great day it was!

After an early breakfast of hard boiled eggs and lovely soft Ugandan rolls, the team set off to decorate St Paul’s church where the celebrations were to be held. An hour later the church was festooned with balloons and bunting, the children’s gifts sorted and the doors thrown open ready to welcome the families.

A morning of worship and speeches followed, interspersed with songs provided by some of the children and young people. There were stories of how the education sponsorship has made such a difference. Some of the students have now graduated, like Beatrice who has a BA in IT Studies and is working in Juba, back in South Sudan. She spoke movingly of how excited she was to be able to be contributing to rebuilding her country. In fact, all of the older students dream of giving back to their country, of using the education they have received to change the injustices they suffered themselves.

Then to the presentations! Every student had a package from their sponsor which was received with great joy. Danda whipped out her camera and in a marathon session photographed each of the families and the children. We then went to a local hotel for a sumptuous meal, more presentations and a wonderful three tiered cake. While Becky played with small people, the rest of the team chatted and collected stories from people that we will be sharing at a later date. Fi was able to meet the first of her CATT volunteers from the camps local to Moyo and hear how their training went and how their practice is developing in their communities. They are so excited to see the changes that they are able to help young people achieve.

Celebration Cake
Caroline cutting the Celebration Cake

We staggered back around 6pm, just missing an almighty downpour which kept us trapped in our rooms for over half an hour. When we emerged, the temperature was pleasantly cool and we even sat inside the restaurant for dinner, where we were joined by Bishop Emmanuel, Bishop Joseph and Israel.

A good day.

Tomorrow onwards and upwards to Arua via Gabor.