The difference solar power will make!

The difference solar power will make!

We heard from Joseph today – this is what he said:

“I am back to kajokeji. We are expecting the beds to reach here on Sunday and on Monday, we will deliver to Liwolo. Regarding the solar the technician assured me that that is enough to charge computers, phones, TV and Fridge. I do not know how that is true. Regarding the benefit of what i will get for this amount of money spent on solar is a lot.

  • It provide light and life to the family
  • increases our joy and peace
  • we can read the bible and devotional notes as family
  • i will be able to do my home work without worrying of charging computer
  • The family will initial act as office cress and can charge many computers
  • my children who are use to light in Uganda  will find it easy in doing their holidays work
  • i can also be able to do my studies and reading at home without hindrance. among others

Thanks Joseph

It is truly amazing to think of the BIG difference that solar power will make to Joseph and his family.  Perhaps even harder to to believe that the head of Cress in South Sudan has been living with no power at all and has all his life UNTIL now thanks to our supporters.