Sponsor students in Uganda

Beatrice 2019

Beatrice in 2019

Beatrice Alex – BSc Computer Science

This is Beatrice Alex, CRESS found a sponsor for her in 2011. She wants to use her education to make changes in her own country in the field of technology. She is also passionate about helping girls and women who are not educated by showing how they can use technology to support themselves.

Caroline had a chat with Beatrice on a recent trip to Uganda and this is what she said:

How has CRESS supported you and what has CRESS support meant to you?
CRESS has been supporting me for 8 years. The support they gave me means a lot to me because I have no idea which refugee camp I would be in doing nothing. So it is because of CRESS’ support that I am now finalising my degree studies. A very big thank you to CRESS!

If CRESS had not been there, what would have happened?
Honestly I would probably be somewhere married, with no job and no proper educational background.

Beatrice 2011

Beatrice in 2011

Why did you choose Information Technology?
My passion to do IT is as a result of an inspiration from my Daddy. I watched him interact with computers, laptops, TVs and different devices he was repairing it. So I did love what he was going as a telecommunications engineer, so I had to follow his lead as this is what I desired from my childhood.

In the videos below Beatrice thanks her her sponsors for all their support and explains how she hopes to use her education to support the people of her country.

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Vicky in Feb 2019

Victoria Modong – BA Human Rights & International Relations

This is Vicky Modong she is currently studying at the Ugandan Christian University Mukono. She hopes to use her education to protect and fight for people’s rights in her community.

Caroline met with Vicky when she visited Uganda recently, this is what she said.

Why did you choose Human Rights & International Relations?
Why I chose this subject is because of my background first of all which is being a refugee, and the human rights violations that are going on in South Sudan. So choosing this subject means that I will be able to protect and fight for the people’s rights and promote their rights.

What has CRESS support meant to you?
CRESS support means that I am being empowered though education to help back in my community upon completion of my studies. It means that I will be able to protect and promote women and children’s rights.

What is your dream in the future?
My dream for the future is to work with the communities around me, women, children and disabled people, to help them, protect their rights and empower other women to also get education, even the disabled people.

You can hear from Vicky herself in the video below.