Students weekend with Bishop Joseph

Students weekend with Bishop Joseph

Students weekend with Bishop Joseph


The Students and staff gathered together for Students Day
The students and staff gathered together for Students Day

The Students’ Day was devised to bring together the college students and equip them with leadership skills and improve their communication skillset while preparing them to face the real world after college.


The Students’ day was very interesting. The attendance was very encouraging. We had 13 College students who attended the day, only two missed out. The whole staff from the Office and two from the clinic – Bethy and Gerald. The secondary students within Arua also attended. A few invited speakers and friends who made our event more vivid. The overall attendance was 35 people. The day started with devotion and ended with evening sports.


  • Practical ways of taping the potential of Africa
    Practical ways of taping the potential of Africa

    The Students were inspired by the life stories and experiences from the staffs who poured their lives into the students. Our thinking and focus as students were strengthened. We are going home with a new perception about life.

  • The students and the staffs have learned tips for practical ways of taping the potential of Africa, a lot of creative thinking involving the students was really a great impact especially when other students urge to be availed with the chance to experiment the ideas. Africa is also rich in terms of socialization and being there for each other.
  • Our talents were boosted ranging from singing when Alia and the team were leading us in the songs; the typing skills were evidenced from the students and the staffs when the tables were aligned with laptops and the typing competition begun. The students had a chance to display their typing skills and the speed of typing has greatly improved. Scopas Edward was outstanding! The football talents were also greatly evidenced during the evening sports as staffs Vs. Students which ended 5 to 3 in favour of the staffs. Ivan was outstanding.
Bishop speaking on leadership
Bishop Joseph speaking on leadership

Refreshment and regeneration of the students and the staffs that have boosted their minds and thinking capacity for the new day.


My name is Godfrey Murye,

“When David spoke about City planning, I was inspired as a civil engineering student to plan very well the roads and cities in South Sudan, therefore, I am so happy and thankful for the idea of students getting together with Bishop and it was great having David as one of the guest speakers”

My name is Murye Scopas,

“I want to thank Bishop for equipping us with the leadership principles and the eight pillars of leadership with clear illustrations and example making me learn the secret of being a great leader”

Students having fun
Students having fun


The Students day with Bishop had been one of the greatest days to us the CRESS college students, it has brought all of us together, to know ourselves, know our interest and our areas of abilities.

It has also instilled in us the spirit of love and togetherness among ourselves and through such days we get the chance to learn from our Bishop especially when he shared the example of his life stories with us, we feel encouraged, directed and empowered to be great leaders.

Therefore, we strongly recommend this day to be organized once every year.