Scopas passes his exams

Scopas passes his exams

ScopasScopas is 21, he has been sponsored for three years as an A level student and is the son of Edward Mika who works in the CRESS funded Clinic in Mijale.
Scopas had to repeat a year due to missing so much school before CRESS were involved as his father did not have enough money to pay for his school fees.

He emailed this week to tell us his wonderful news.

“I have now been fully certified to the Computer world specifically in Africa! I have met all the standards through passing all my exams papers highly and I have been awarded The Certificate of International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Africa. This qualification enables me to work in any African Country in the office productivity applications. I have received my first Job Profile Certificate and am now working on my CV so it’s ready waiting for any opportunity around my reach! Am so thankful for your support and encouragement along the way!

We are beginning A Sales Skilling Training next Week and also we shall get Professional Certificate for Sales! My campus give us all the skills the world requires. Am glad to inform you that I have paid 100dollars already for the Skilling program. The money you sent of recent helped me a great deal! I will update you about the Training when we are done!

May God bless you all
Thanks for your Prayers dear Caroline and Cress UK
Thank all my Sponsors for me”


We asked Scopas when we were on the recent trip what life would have been like without the support of his CRESS sponsors.

“Without CRESS’s Support of my education I think I would have been in a camp a lot longer and then gone to Juba and struggled to earn a living without qualifications.

If I had stayed in a camp, I might have fallen in with many other young men and had very low standard schooling before wasting life with drugs that come in, and are sold cheap. Alcohol is brewed there and you can buy it from the trading centre.”

Scopas had this message for sponsors back in the UK:

“I thank sponsors for support to get many people to study.   The money they are putting in is not in vain.   Many of us are learning skills to take back to South Sudan which will bring change.   Please continue the support;  education will transform.   Those who have been educated by CRESS see the world in South Sudan in a different way to those still there or in the camps.   So when I go back I will have new skills – and determination.”

Sponsoring a student in higher education is more expensive that in primary as they have to pay for equipment and exam fees. Often CRESS sponsored higher education students have more than one sponsor and this is the case with Scopas.

If you are interested in sponsoring a higher education student, please contact us for more details.