Savings Groups – Success story

Savings Groups – Success story

Akumu Agnes a member of Morjita Saving group Imvepi
Akumu Agnes is a member of Morjita Saving group Imvepi

The story of Akumu Agnes

Agnes is a 30 years old married lady with two children, who is a member of Morjita Saving group Imvepi. She said the saving project helped her in the following ways:

  1. As an undergraduate student, she nearly missed sitting for her exams last year because she lacked 200,000/= Ugandan shillings. But when she called her saving members, she was then served with an emergency loan.
  2. She also used part of her money saved in paying her children’s school fees.
  3. Saving has helped her improved her family’s nutrition. She is able to buy other foods in addition the UN beans and posho which is given to them monthly.
  4. She finally, she is always encouraged by the gift of the family she now has. The fellow saving members are now more of her dear sisters and brothers, they even visited her at home in her time of need and supported her.

What is next for Agnes?

Agnes now plans to hire an agriculture land and do farming project after the share-out of the first season. She wants to plan sesame and Groundnuts.