Rainwater harvest system at the clinic

Rainwater harvest system at the clinic

A new rainwater harvest system has been installed with funds raised through a grant application in the UK.

The rainwater harvesting system has brought a great impact in the following ways,

  1.  it has enabled easy accessibility of water for both the clinic and patients.
  2. it has also reduced water bills/cost of purchasing water.
  3. it has reduced the workload on the cleaner who used to fetch water a kilometre away from the clinic.
  4. it has provided sufficient water for daily cleaning/mopping of the clinic and latrine hence improving the hygiene within the facility.
  5. it has enabled routine washing of equipment and other apparatus before sterilization.
  6. the lab technician is now able to prepare enough disinfectant(hypochlorite solution) for cleaning surfaces.
  7. vulnerable patients like pregnant mothers are now able to access water for personal use eg laundry without much difficulties after delivery.

Edward Mika head of the Clinic said in his email to Caroline:

“This is wonderful, I could not imagine it could be !!! Very nice work, thank you and a big THANK YOU to your team in UK.”