Primary Leaving Examination Results

Primary Leaving Examination Results

Students homeschooling during COVID in Mijale including Modong Clare who has passed her PLE exam with distinction
Students in Mijale including Modong Clare who has just passed her PLE exam

Education in Uganda

Did you know many children in Uganda do not complete their schooling nor have the competencies needed to do well in life, according to UNICEF?

We don’t have figures for this post lockdown year, but UNICEF reports that only 1 in 4 children who starts primary school makes it to secondary school. Less than half (40 per cent) of students are literate at the end of primary school. Ref:

Milyan Emmanuel being taught at home during COVID
Milyan Emmanuel being taught at home during COVID

That is one of the reasons why CRESS is so proud to present the results of our sponsored primary school leavers to you. Not only have these students had to deal with learning through lockdown, but they have also all suffered the upheaval of being refugees and learning to live in another country. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reports that only 60% of refugee children have access to primary school education in Uganda. Most of these refugee children are in schools in the camps which are very crowded and of a low standard, the CRESS sponsors enable our students to have a higher quality education. Only 12% of children who complete their primary education move on to finish secondary school because they lack the resources and financial support required.

And to the results

Kenyi Titus with their teacher during COVID school closure
Kenyi Titus with his teacher during COVID school closure

According to the Uganda National Examinations Board Executive Secretary, Mr. Dan Odongo, a total of 734,788 candidates sat PLE exams in 2021.
Only 659,910 passed, which means they qualify for further secondary or vocational education.

Kenyi Titus and Milyan Emmanuel were awarded Distinction 1
Ajo Tracy, Tomba Abraham and Modong Clare were awarded Distinction 2

This is another reason to be so proud of them, nationally,

  • 11% achieved Division 1
  • 46% achieved Division 2
  • 20% achieved Division 3
  • 13% achieved Division 4
  • 10% failed out of which 2% didn’t sit for the exams even though they were registered

Below is the table of grades achievable.

Marks Range Grade Remarks
0 -39 F9 Fail
40 -44 Pass 8 Weak pass
45 -49 Pass 7 Weak pass
50 -54 Credit 6 Pass
55 -59 Credit 5 Fair good Pass
60 – 64 Credit 4 Quite good Pass
65 -69 Credit 3 Good Pass
70 -74 Distinction 2 Very good pass
75 -100 Distinction 1 Excellent result

So huge congratulations to Kenyi Titus, Milyan Emmanuel, Ajo Tracy, Tomba Abraham and Modong Clare. We look forward to watching your continued progress through your Secondary education. A huge thank you also has to go to the dedication of their sponsors. Sponsoring a child’s education is a huge commitment and CRESS, these children and their families are so very grateful.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child’s education, do read more or get in touch with us.