Preparing for her first visit to the South Sudan!

Preparing for her first visit to the South Sudan!

I am Maggie Metcalfe and neither my husband Jeremy nor I have been to South Sudan before.  We went to Jinja in Uganda 5 years ago so think we have some idea of what to expect – but that really means we understand what it is like not to have any idea!

My role is mainly to do with the clinic in Liwolo – stock taking, needs assessment, communicating with birth attendants and mothers – but who knows really what I will be doing.  Jeremy is coming too and has a photo taking, IT and blogging remit – good luck to him!

We are in various stages of preparedness – different priorities and other things to do. I have had my clothes out for ages, but it is the liquids – shampoos etc – that always come as a surprise to my suitcases!  I am hoping we will have a small amount of space in a hold bag to put our wash bags in….

Still need to get dollars and get paper work sorted. Not worrying about ‘when’ at this stage!

We are both at work all week!!!  However, I am spending quite a bit of time looking at information, downloading films etc that I can use at the clinic.  MedicAidFilms seem to be useful. I think it will be much easier to be properly prepared when I have been there and seen what is needed – and then it will be too late (unless I go again….). I feel inexperienced, unskilled and unsure about what will be useful and just hope I can take something, even if it is just a cheerful smile and some love from our community at home in the Chalke Valley, which will be appreciated.

Anyway, an early night beckons, which will at least, hopefully, equip me with energy for the mix of activities tomorrow has in store both physically and mentally as we get nearer to departure day.