Papayas are growing in Matu

Papayas are growing in Matu

Apollo Abe's Papaya in Matu
Apollo Abe’s Papaya in Matu

The Agriculture team visited two families in Matu who benefited from papaya fruit vegetables.

These two members are Apollo Abe, a member who joined Hope Group 2 (Matu), to support the women agriculture group members. Two of his papayas are doing well and one has started giving fruits. It’s so amazing that within 4 months, the papayas are able to give fruits and soon they will begin enjoying the benefits of raising fruits.

Another family is of Jane, a neighbour to a group member. She borrowed one papaya from a group member. She planted and maintain it very well. Just after 4 months from planting, it has given big fruits which are about to be ready for eating.

Papaya in Matu
Jane’s Papaya growing very well