Packing has begun!

Packing has begun!

This is the month to start thinking hard about our trip and departure on September 12th!  There is a LOT of packing to be done and still matters to organise with the team in South Sudan!

Di Jeans and Sophie Blick have been emailing every sponsor to arrange collection of their sponsor child’s package.  What we forgot to put on the list is to limit the weight – some are SOOOO heavy and with 80 we are using much of the 18 suitcase allowance!

But it is all because they care about their child.  I also emailed them in Kajo Keji to remind them that we need a letter to every sponsor. this will be Rachel Gordon’s job out there to check each letter and keep the list of who has given in their letters.

This afternoon – 2 young men Glen and Max are working in my garden so I get them to come indoors and start lifting each of the 18 suitcases to make sure they do not exceed 23kg – to my alarm we are nearly full!  That is 17 suitcases all weighing 23kg each and we still have another 8 packages to be delivered, and then shall have one last suitcase with the clinic curtains, poles and all the notes for the conference.  If we go over it is very expensive and BA have put the costs up to around £100!

So many goods – people are so generous to the people of South Sudan !!!