Open Garden at Knighton Manor a huge success!

Open Garden at Knighton Manor a huge success!

On Saturday 6th June the day started promptly at 9.00am with Nigel and Nicky Tinkler brining the furniture from the Village Hall that was needed for Caroline Lamb’s annual garden party.  The wonderful Manns and Rushforths had already visited bringing garden furniture for the event!

In spite of cold weather some 82 people came through the gate and there were stalls to buy goods and the garden to look around. It was great to have Fred Taban with us so he could talk with visitors to the garden.

knighton open garden

That night Caroline enjoyed a typical Kuku Evening – just sitting and talking, which they did for several hours.  In our western world we might call this “wasting time” but not the Africans, and Caroline enjoyed just hanging out with Fred.

On the Sunday a much hotter and sunnier day was enjoyed, although Fred had to leave to spend a couple of hours at the Sudan Medical  Link Garden Party in the Bishop’s garden. We were sad to see him go and it felt strange saying see you in September back in South Sudan.

Caroline raised an amazing £1,400, which means Cress can replace the four mobiles for the staff who were recently robbed and so much more!  A HUGE thank you to all who helped make this a great event.