Olivia visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre

Olivia visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre

Olivia Jones has arrived safely and on her first day in Africa visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre. Spending time with Timothy Njakasi the owner and Director and Sam the centre’s manager.

Report from Olivia – Sunday 8th April 2018

With an easy flight over and a fast move through customs I arrived at our guesthouse in the car to be met by two large dogs and an armed guard. It’s great to be back in Africa! After two hours sleep I was  woken by the dogs barking followed by complete silence and a cold wind. Then, gradually, the pouring rain started, which of course the dogs had heard minutes before I did.

By morning it was sunshine and Patrick our driver in Entebbe was ready to take me across the centre of Kampala to visit Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre (KROC) –  where the CRESS women had been trained in  sustainable organic vegetable production. I was met there by Timothy Njakasi the owner and Director and Sam, the centre’s manager. We had a  long discussion in his office about many things agricultural but also about his philosophy of training to instil hope and the belief in possibilities into his trainee’s minds.

The pictures show two of the main techniques he promotes. One is the key-hole garden to be built near the home and constructed as a  permanent, round, knee-high vegetable bed using composted kitchen waste and waste water (see above). The other (below) shows the liquid fertiliser tank. This is basically homemade Baby-Bio from soaking high nutrient plants in water, adding some wood fire ash and then diluted to use as a top  dressing.

liquid fertiliser tank

KROC is an inspiring place which Timothy has created using sustainable agriculture on steeply terraced land using an agroforestry system with perennial tree crops, annual crops and vegetables.

On taking leave of him and having used too much of his Sunday he was  anxious for an up to date feedback from his CRESS trainees which I hope  to be able to collect in the next few days. So now an early morning  flight to Arua which I pray goes smoothly.