Olivia ‘s Trip – Monday 6th May

Olivia ‘s Trip – Monday 6th May

Livy ( Olivia Jones ) from Ebbesbourne Wake has travelled out to Northern Uganda in her role as CRESS agricultural adviser .

agnes receiving the Dhoor family
Agnes receiving the Dhoor family

Livy and the CRESS Uganda team travelled to Imvepi camp – her first port of call was to Agnes the widow of Rev Emmanuel Amule – sadly Rev Emmanuel died last year only early 40s leaving his wife and family impoverished. Today Livy met Agnes as shown in the photograph and handed over the Chalke Valley Travelling Refugee Family – she also handed over funds collected by the chalke valley residents who had the refugee family staying with them during Lent – these funds will be used by Agnes to help her be self sufficient.

This is what Livy said on her meeting with Agnes
“The Dhuoor refugee family are presented to Agnes Amule in Imvepi camp. This was a very moving encounter. I thanked her for the spark her husband gave to your heart Caroline which lit the flame for the creation of CRESS and all it has and will achieve. Also that his memory will live on in CRESS and that she must be very proud.”

She tearfully thanked us all for everything explaining how hard life was in the camp. Her main concern she constantly voiced was always only for her children not herself.

Bulomini agricultural group in Bidi Bidi refugee camp
With Jeska, group leader of Bulomini group in Bidi Bidi refugee camp. She proudly explained that the group garden was acting as an inspiration to group members in showing them how to create small, sustainable vegetable gardens near their own homes using sacks of compost.