Olivia Jones heads out to Uganda

Olivia Jones heads out to Uganda

My name is Olivia Jones and today I am excited to travel to Northern Uganda to visit the South Sudanese refugees with CRESS.

My husband and I retired to the Chalke Valley five years ago and working with our local church I quickly became aware of CRESS and its work in South Sudan. Last year when the CRESS community fled the civil war into Uganda I went along to hear about how they had managed. I had just finished a degree in Refugee studies and had many years working in  Africa on forestry and agriculture projects.

What I learned about CRESS  work was amazing as they were able to access people in areas where other larger organisation were unable to get to. It became clear to me the strength of CRESS was the link between our community and the South  Sudanese there.

Caroline agreed I should visit as Yango, Bishop  Joseph’s wife and the other trainees from Kasenge college, which I  visit on Sunday, were keen to re-start their vegetable project and to cascade their knowledge across their communities. The main aim of my trip is to offer support and encouragement for the amazing work they have done already, with help from CRESS to purchase seed and tools.

I  hope also to offer some help and advice in expanding their agriculture projects and possibly looking at other environmental issues as well. I am looking forward so much to meeting the CRESS people and to work and stay with them. I thank you also for all your support and prayers.

Olivia Jones last visited Africa in 2012 when the photo above was taken.