Normal delivery continues at the Clinic

Normal delivery continues at the Clinic

Safe delivery
Adorable baby boy delivered in the Cress funded clinic in Mijale

As Covid-19 has become a global emergency causing lockdown in most countries in the world including Uganda with 45 confirmed cases, the CRESS funded clinic operates normally and all the clinic staff are safe because of their recent supplies of the protective gears and today at exactly 05:44pm EST, another adorable baby boy delivered in the Cress funded clinic in Mijale. At birth, Lodiong Steven Simaya weighed 3.4kgs with an Apgar score of 7¹ 10⁵.

Mr. Kenyi Simaya who is the local council one (LC1) Chairperson of Mijale village who also doubled as the guard in the Cress UK funded clinic in Mijale and a committed member of the Anglican Church together with his wife Ms. Jeska Nyomon has this comments as to what it meant to them to be able to safely give birth to the Cress UK funded clinic

“Today, I am really thankful to God and above all for the existence of this! Great clinic here in Mijale. Without this clinic, I truly didn’t know where I would have taken my wife when the country is already in a total lockdown. So I felt relieved, encouraged and comforted at this difficult moment though the whole world is in Crisis.”

“The presence of the fantastic recent medical equipment (Scanner, Oxygen concentrator, maama kits, Suctioning machines, Autoclave, delivery beds, etcs) has given us more hopes and helped the clinic midwives Celina and Bethy a lot in ensuring quick decisions making and safe delivery of our baby boy and – I cannot forget the usual expertise of the clinic staff and finally a BIG THANK YOU to all those who have contributed towards the purchase of this medical equipments because you have saved the life of my baby/wife and that of others. May God bless you for more support and I pray soon or later, our babies will start receiving vaccines in the clinic too”.

This was the 12th pregnancies of Ms. Jeska Nyomon and out of which, 2 died due to unsafe deliveries and 9 are alive and she plans for birth control (Family planning).


Thank you SO much for reading and may God bless you!


COVID-19 Equipment Arrives

We are also pleased to see more of the COVID-19 protective equipment arrive along with fans for the clinic. Delivery of any supplies other than food has been severely restricted during the lockdown in Uganda. Thankfully with the hard work and patience of Bishop Joseph and Edward Mika, vehicle clearance from Arua DISO & RDC to permit movement of their vehicle has been granted as part of the COVID-19 Taskforce.

Fans delivered to keep the clinic cool
Clinic Guard Mr. Kenyi Simaya (R) and Lab. Tech Atama Gerald (M) receives Clinic fans + protective gear as the in-charge Edward Mika (L) watches over