Motorbike for Education Department

Motorbike for Education Department

Jeska with the new motorbike
Jeska with the new motorbike

Jeska Poni, the Education Officer with the Diocese of Liwolo monitors all of the students sponsored by CRESS supporters.

During the pandemic, all schools closed and it was difficult to keep in touch with all the students as they were sent back to their homes. As homeschooling began Jeska was needed more in the field to supervise the students and teaching and deliver resources. In Uganda schools are still not fully open with different year groups going in at different times and so having Jeska able to visit schools and students at home is a huge bonus.

Jeska says:

I thank CRESS UK for the support of motorbike to the department of Education. Because of the outbreak of the pandemic, students and pupils were not able to continue with their studies at school but have had lessons at home.

Borrowing a motorbike from colleagues was not easy because they have programs in their departments to run themselves. So, I am very grateful for the support of a motorbike.

Below are the plans that I have for the motorbike:

  • Visiting nearby schools where our sponsored children are studying to check on their performance and interact with their teachers.
  • Attend to weak performing children in schools to be able to discuss with their teacher about remedial teaching for the child.
  • Enables me to get report cards for students studying in Arua, Koboko, Yumbe and Moyo.
  • Supervision of lower primary homeschooling for those studying at their homes.
  • The motorbike will also help me in dealing with administrative duties in the office especially buying staff food as which is part of the daily routine.