Mosquito nets delivered with health training

Mosquito nets delivered with health training

Expectant Mum's recieving mosquito nets  1000 Mosquito nets were bought with part of the generous donations from the Broad Chalke Lent Project.

On the 28th and 30th of May the mosquito nets and training were delivered in Imvepi and Matu refugee camps. These are the first 2 trainings of 8 planned sessions, further training will depend on funds becoming available.

Training on mosquito net use, hygiene and sanitation and family planningThe objectives of the training days were to enable understanding of:

  • Malaria prevention and control
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Family Planning
  • Post RUMPs training assessment

The training process is based on group discussions. They focus on a small group of about 7 to 11 people per session using the LePSA Method.

  • Le- learner centred approach
  • P- Posing of problems; use of starter or asking a question to generate discussion of a topic
  • Self- discovery- learners are able to discover their own problems
  • Action oriented- Learners find Solutions to their problems

The outcomes of the training

Giving training with the mosquito net will help the pregnant and new mothers not only to reduce the risk of their newborns contracting malaria, but also consider other health improvements in their family homes. Mosquito nets delivery causes excitementWe look forward to hearing feedback from the training days in Uganda.

If you would like to donate to provide more of this essential health training you can: