Loud Hailer Project Update

Loud Hailer Project Update

The loud hailer installed in Matu
The loud hailer installed in Matu

We are delighted to hear from Isaac Soro and the team who have established and have been monitoring the Loud Hailer project in Uganda.

The loud hailer project is an initiative that is intended to establish information hubs for the rural poor communities who do not have access to information via radios, televisions and print media. Eleven information hubs are planned and four systems have so far been established.

The loud hailer system consists of a loudhailer connected to an amplifier that is powered by a solar power system of 300W. An inverter and a charge controller are also installed so that AC and DC devices can be connected alternatively. Each set contained two 150W solar panels, 2 batteries of 100AH each, 1000W inverter, 40A charge controller, 2 loud hailer (horn speaker), amplifier (AC/DC), 2 microphones, 2 bulb
lighting system and other accessories.

The messages from the speakers can be reached clearly by people in a 4 km radius from the station.

Management committee in Matu
Management committee in Matu

Loud Hailer Achievements

The project has the following achievements in the first 2 locations of Mijale and Imvepi since their establishment on 17th August, 2020;

  • Each of the 2 information hubs was equipped with mobile phones and storage devices.
  • Reached out with the word of God to people during the lockdown especially those who cannot read the bible by themselves and homes that could not be reached by pastors and other church leaders due to government restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Daily updates on COVID-19 and education on standard operating procedures
  • 424 bible messages preached through the local Radios. 10 people accepted Christ as
    their personal saviour as a result of these teachings.
  • 612 announcements made which includes but not limited to death announcements, funeral rites announcements, lost properties, lost children, young girls kidnapped by
    their boyfriends.
  • 105 talk shows were hosted about early marriages school dropout, gender-based violence and drug abuse.
  • Awareness programmes were conducted on health care, coronavirus pandemic, early pregnancies, hygiene and sanitation, food shortages and corruption in families, communities etc.
  • Several community meetings conducted.
  • The community members were able to convey their sincere greetings to their beloved ones and relatives every day. It’s much easier because every station has been equipped with a cellular phone.
  • The spiritual development and counselling of individuals with stress, sickness, and the new converts has been happening occasionally.
Two members who got saved as a result of the Christian teachings in Matu
Two members who got saved as a result
of the Christian teachings in Matu

The second phase of loud hailers update

  • Two sets of the information hubs were established in locations of Matu and Imvepi in February 2021 which were well received by the communities in those areas.
  • 24 Christian teachings were conducted with 2 people getting saved as a result of the programs in the radios
  • The community formed management committees charged with the responsibility of managing the affair of the radio station and providing regular reports to the DOL Discipleship officer
  • Hooliganism and drunkenness have reduced within those communities as a result of the teachings and radio programs
  • Sharing of information within the community has been made easier since the information hubs are accessible to all.
  • Community is getting educated about COVID standard operating procedures and other family and health teachings.
An excited member of the committee during testing

Recommendations for continuing and enhancing the project

  • Equipping all the information hubs with handwashing facilities and sanitizers
  • Basic training for presenters on public communications and journalism skills is needed.
  • Training board members on the administration and management skills of local radio.
  • To acquire a radio recorder, laptop and cell phone for the extra information hubs established.
  • Need for extra budget for supervision and support visits
  • The need for loud hailers has increased so we are now planning for 5 more to be established to bring the overall total to 11. The proposed new stations would be set up in zone 1 and zone 3 of Imvepi and three more in Mijale.