Kitchen for the DOL Office

Kitchen for the DOL Office

Rina outside the new kitchen
Rina outside the new kitchen

We are pleased to let you know that the planned kitchen for the office, which was grant-funded, is now complete.

Alex Kenyi has written to us to let us know how having a proper kitchen area will improve life at the DoL office.

Dear Caroline

It is good to tell you that the Kitchen is finished and my comment is that it is better, as you know by then we were lacking a kitchen.
We only built a small room, it looked like it is not good but instead, it is better than other  kitchens around our village.
Rina cooking in the new kitchen
Rina cooking

The kitchen will help us in the following:

  • it is a good shelter so that rain and weather condition will not disturb our cook while cooking
  • It is used as store for other kitchen use items like charcoal and some firewood
  • The veranda is a good shade for our cook during hot days
  • It will keep our food safe without the wind blowing dust on it
  • The floor is smooth and anything can be put on it without getting dusty
Therefore my opinion is that the kitchen has solved the big issue which has been here since we started operating in this house.
May God bless the funder and Cress UK for giving us funds for this project.
with love and thanks