Jamie & Jackie

Jamie & Jackie

Jamie was asked to reflect on the recent trip to Uganda, what inspired him and what stories have remained with him.

Jackie with her new bike
Jackie, trainee nurse, with her new bike

Jamie wrote in his trip report : “My initial, and lasting impression, was the sight of South Sudanese refugees fighting for any sort of life in their host country of northern Uganda. Seeing that struggle leaves an indelible mark. On the flip side, knowing that ten years of CRESS work has offered a beacon of hope for those it reached. I think in particular of Jackie Gire.

Thanks to the support of CRESS, and its many supporters, she has a chance to learn. In order to do so, she walks two and half hours each way, every day, from her adopted family home to the Arua Medical School. A walk she takes gladly in pursuit of her dreams. The warmth of her smile, the happiness she shares, despite the many challenges life has thrown at her including suffering a prolapsed disc from carrying too much weight when young.”

“I cannot pay you back, so simply ask that God bless you all.”

Jackie Gire

As a result of the trip CRESS supporters have funded a bike for Jackie which will shorten her commute to college and hopefully ease the pain from her prolapsed disc.