Introducing Mary Aciga

Introducing Mary Aciga

Mary Aciga was interviewed by Caroline Lamb, CRESS Founder and CEO during her trip in January (2018). Mary participated in the first agricultural programme run by CRESS back in 2016 and went on to become a leader sharing her knowledge with others.

The agricultural programme started with three farming and discipleship groups in three areas of Kajo Keji County. The women learnt new farming techniques such as mulching to preserve moisture and prevent weeds and how to grow seedlings in a nursery (under a shelter). Plus how to prepare beds for planting. They were also taught how to make and use keyhole beds where wastewater and vegetable peelings are used to fertilise the crops.

Farming provides the women and their families hope for the future as it allows them to sell produce grown giving them an income. It also means they eat a more varied diet and are therefore healthier.

Alongside the agriculture lessons were those on health, finance and personal growth.

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