The impact of CRESS education programme

The impact of CRESS education programme

Sylvia Poni is about 18 years old now – she is the smiling young woman on the far right of the picture in the black and white flower skirt and is the daughter of Joseph Abba.  Sylvia came to Uganda in 2011 and when she started primary school could not read or write.  By the third term she was among the best in her class with an excellent command of English both spoken and written.  Below is a recent letter from Sylvia.

Dear Caroline,

I am humbled and honoured to write to you in this precious time.  I am overwhelmed with joy because of this great opportunity accorded to me to pour out my gratitude to you.  I would like to let you know that you have played a big role in our lives as the children sponsored by CRESS.

Sometimes I become speechless when I think about how God has risen us up to more than we can be through your hardwork, sacrifice and support.  Through you, we have reached places we have never reached seen things our naked eyes have never seen and spoken to people we have never spoken to.  Through you, we have never been exposed to the competitive world.  I can write and our dreams have been discovered!

We have been transformed physically, mentally, socially and economically.  Without you, by this time we would be part of the crowd in the refugee camps the Lord used you to rescue us.  I am inspired by you each time that is why I treasure the opportunity that God has given me to study through you by working extremely hard at school so that your efforts are not wasted.

Given the status of our country South Sudan, it is facing many problems one of which is poor leadership, people are hungry for power for the aims of getting money for their own benefits.  They have become money orientated and considered money more than the people to ought to serve.  The only solution to this problem or the only way to eradicate this problem is through education.  Preparing the young generation to bring transformation into the heart of South Sudan.

I am glad that you have started on the journey of bringing the transformation through mobilising people in the UK to sponsor us.  There are very many children who have great potential, knowledge but they lack the financial support and they end up sitting on their dreams therefore; our country remaining the same.  The children I am talking about here are the children who were like me.  They have no one to pay their school fees, there parents are poor, some of them have been left behind during the process of running away from the war torn areas.  They have no one to talk to, no one to show them love and no one to protect them.  When they fall sick, there’s no one to give them medication.  They see no future infront of them.  They only see darkness.

We can put such children in prayer.  We pray that God will open ways to see to it that they get people to sponsor them so that they attain quality education, good health and in so doing we shall all live to see a changed nation of South Sudan through the young generation.

In addition, these children have talents that have never been discovered, it’s my prayer that God continues to use you in discovering this talents. The other burning issue is the girl child education which is very crucial.  The young girls in my country have engaged in marriage as early as thirteen years of age which is alarming to hear of.  They have remained dependent and have been tortured by their husbands.

All this happened because they have no hope of education.  They have no one to pay their school fees.  Therefore; they are left with no alternative but to get married and their future is doomed for good.  I strongly believe that if this girls have the opportunity to study, they will be economically dependent, bring development to the nation and provide excellent leadership because knowledge is power.

My prayer is that God uses you to accomplish all that because he is the one who began.  May God sustain you and the staff of CRESS.  May he shower you all with his blessings and may always have plenty.  Remember that blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives.  May God prolong your life on earth so that you live to see us successful and a transformed and peaceful nation of South Sudan.  Love you.

Yours sincerely,

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