Healthcare Projects

Primary Healthcare Clinic, Women's Hygiene, Trauma Training

Providing Primary Health Care for South Sudanese refugees

CRESS aims to help the South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda by providing Primary Health Care in the Mijale Area, Uganda and support outreach health projects to help as many refugees as possible within available resources.

Our clinic in Mijale has the required staff and equipment to provide treatment for Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, Diabetes, Mellitus, Hypertension, Typhoid, Brucellosis and skin conditions. It also supports the separately funded RUMPs and hygiene training projects in local refugee camps and the separately funded CATT training courses in Arua.

The National Committee of Women’s World Day of Prayer, England, Wales and Northern Ireland has just granted CRESS a life changing £5000 towards the provision of reusable sanitary pads (RUMPs) and underwear for South Sudanese refugee women and girls. A huge thank you to the committee and we will keep you up to date with how these pads change refugees lives.

The Impact of our Health Care Projects

Jeska and 1 year old Scovia who was very sick
Jeska and 1 year old Scovia who was very sick

Clinic became the only hope

Scovia Modong, a 1 year old female, resident of Kilaji (appx 10km away from the clinic) was rushed in the clinic late evening with; high grade fever, convulsions, persistent dry cough, stridor, vomiting everything and passing loose watery stools for 2 weeks.

Ms. Jeska, Scovia’s mother said while tears rolling on her eyes “I took this child to almost all the nearby health facilities in Mijale including those in the IDPs but noticed no improvement.”

So, the CRESS clinic became the only hope for her child since it’s the only clinic with a microscope in the whole of Kerwa sub-county – meaning excellent service delivery.

Jeska and Scovia well again this year
Scovia is now well

Indeed, Scovia’s condition became worse after arrival but we had to detain them in the clinic because Jeska cannot afford any referral expenses since she lost her husband in the war and lacks any external support.

Following laboratory investigations Scovia was diagnosed with complicated malaria, severe pneumonia and Amoebiasis – they were detained in the clinic for five days.

On full recovery, Ms. Jeska, Scovia’s mother was very excited to see her baby girl healthy again and she gave a HUGE words of THANK YOU for the existence of the Cress clinic here in Mijale – adding that without the excellent services offered by the clinic staff, she would have lost her baby because of complicated malaria and severe pneumonia just the same way she lost her first born.

Isaac and familyA huge “Thank you”

Mr Sokiri Isaac Taban is a focal person praying in the Baptist Church of Mijale who worked hard to find the address of the CEO of CRESS UK on Facebook and emailed her to give a HUGE THANK YOU for the establishment of Jehovah Rapha clinic in Mijale that saves thousands of lives.

Mr Isaac arrived in the clinic with the history of severe colicky abdominal pain, severe headaches (frontal) and low grade fever. He attempted to seek for help in the nearby clinics and health centres with no improvement. After being tested in the clinic and diagnosed with Schistosomiasis and Typhoid fever, he started appropriate treatment. The following morning, he came singing the name of the clinic because of the miracles that happened to him – adding without this clinic he would have lost his life or travelled a long distance for appropriate medication, not just for himself but also his wife and their little baby girl. They both survived critical conditions because of the clinic – so he is very glad to give a testimony about the clinic. However, there are very many patients/clients who always give good testimonies about the clinic, which are our only form of advertisement.

Dental Health Project

CRESS aims to improve the dental health of South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda.

The Dental Health Project delivers oral hygiene education as well as much needed emergency dental treatment for refugees. It is primarily sponsored by Dentaid, who are providing the funding for the dental team and medical resources. CRESS has provided the venue for the outreach service within the Jahovar Rapha Clinic in Mijale, as well as the staff to support the Dentaid team.

Impact of the Dental Health Project

In February 2018, Angel Nsubuga, a Ugandan Public Health Dental Officer based in Kampala, offered a dental outreach service for refugees in Mijale with the support of CRESS staff, providing dental treatment for 90 patients over two days.

Another dental health session was held in June 2018 where Angel and his team saw another 354 patients over three days giving a total of 464 dental patients seen. Dental hygiene teaching was also delivered.