Healthcare Projects

Primary Healthcare Clinic, Women's Hygiene, Trauma Training

Providing Primary Health Care for South Sudanese refugees

CRESS aims to help the South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda by providing Primary Health Care in the Mijale Area, Uganda and support outreach health projects to help as many refugees as possible within available resources.

Our clinic in Mijale has the required staff and equipment to provide treatment for Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhea, Diabetes, Mellitus, Hypertension, Typhoid, Brucellosis and skin conditions. It also supports the separately funded RUMPs and hygiene training projects in local refugee camps and the separately funded CATT training courses in Arua.

The Impact of our Health Care Projects

Dental Health Project

CRESS aims to improve the dental health of South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda.

The Dental health project delivers oral hygiene education as well as much needed emergency dental treatment for refugees. It is primarily sponsored by Dentaid, who are providing the funding for the Dental team and medical resources. CRESS has provided the venue for the outreach service within the Jahovar Rapha Clinic in Mijale, as well as the staff to support the Dentaid team.

Impact of the Dental Health Project

In February 2018, Angel Nsubuga, a Ugandan Public Health Dental Officer based in Kampala, offered a dental outreach service for refugees in Mijale with the support of CRESS staff, providing dental treatment for 90 patients over two days.

Another dental health session was held in June 2018 where Angel and his team hope to saw another 354 patients over three days giving a total of 464 dental patients seen. Dental hygiene teaching was also delivered.