Harvest time…

Harvest time…

Pastor Simon Kibo’s wife harvesting their tomatoes

We were delighted to hear from the Agriculture team at the beginning of October.

The groups and pastors’ vegetable projects are all doing well. All are in the harvest stage and some have transplanted new seedlings.

We have also been able to procure and deliver few equipment to support the clinic garden work. These include; 1 water drum, 1 wheel barrow, 1 Knapsack sprayer, 1 spade, 1 rake, 2 buckets for harvesting vegs, 2 pangas, 1 tape measure 50 meters, 2 ball string ropes and 2 pairs of hand gloves for garden work.

The PPE for all agriculture groups have been procured and distributed. These include bars of washing soaps for all groups, face masks and hand sanitizers given to group leaders. All these measures are
meant to prevent the spread of covid 19 when the group members come together for their normal agriculture group work.