Global Grant Awards for NGOs

Global Grant Awards for NGOs

The event was hosted by Global Funds For Jesus (GFFJ), a Christian organization from South Africa that has grown in recent years. They have 30 Regions across the globe and are establishing offices in 200 nations in the next 5 years.

Global Funds for Jesus raise funds to meet the needs of the poor, the sick, the disadvantaged, orphans, widows. The Global Funds for Jesus operates within the six missions of Jesus backed with scriptures; Psalms 127:1, Isaiah 61:1-3, Isaiah 40:1, Psalms 41:1-3.

  • Education
  • Health
  • Creation
  • Food Security
  • Job Security
  • Entrepreneurship

The event combined three activities together;
1. Dedication of the new office
2. Thanks Giving
3. Distribution of Grants and hampers/packages

It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and share different experiences.

CRESS awarded a grant

CRESS Uganda awarded a grant

20 Christian NGOs qualified and got the grant, Cress, Uganda was the 3rd among the 20 because of our well written strategic plans and projects. The strategic plans underwent eight meetings before judgement. The 20 NGO’s were hugely congratulated for the services they deliver to the beneficiaries.

A representative was called up to receive the award; but Scopas and Isaac Kwaje were attending online so the money will be sent to the office in Arua.

We were recognized from Uganda for our good services to over 8,000 South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda.

Recipients of some of the packages
Recipients of some of the packages

Over 1500 Gift Hampers/Packages which included food packages for the disadvantaged, stationeries packages for the pupils/students were given out this year by GFFJ at the event.