Fred Taban returns to All Nations College

Fred Taban returns to All Nations College
Wednesday last week saw Fred Taban returning to All Nations College to complete his last term (term seven).
He must complete seven terms because when he arrived in 2014 he began the term late and was therefore not eligible to count this towards his BA. Fred’s late arrival back in October 2014 was due to a delay in his visa so he must now finish this term seven to complete his degree.
He will over the coming months be writing assignments and his dissertation, and then God willing he will achieve a BA in Theology and Intercultural Studies. No mean feat when you were educated under trees in Uganda and South Sudan!!
Fred is so very popular wherever he goes – when we arrived at the college immediately, as if from nowhere, five different groups of people appeared to welcome him back with hugs and kisses !!!

Well done Fred

A truly amazing  person,  well done Fred for all you have achieved while many hours and miles away from your family whom you haven’t seen for a year now.

Caroline Lamb
Founder & CEO