Francis Candiga goes to Ghana

Francis Candiga goes to Ghana

Francis Candiga has just attended a conference in Ghana, titled Jesus Christ is coming soon are you ready?

Partly funded by CRESS to encourage him after his hard work in the camps, we helped with his travle costs.  This is what he has written to CRESS

I  am back from the All Africa Conference in Ghana. Thank you so much for your contribution towards my trip. The conference went on well, we started with leadership retreat the first two days with leaders from over 40 countries in Africa. the Lord used the speakers to rejuvenate the spirit of servant leadership and godliness in all we do, to follow the example of Christ who has been the greatest leader of all time and yet the most humble of all leaders in history. we were also challenged to serve with an upright heart knowing that the lords return is near. the conference was attended by over 300 delegates from 40 countries in Africa and a few outside Africa. during the conference I was given an opportunity to make a presentation on the situation in South Sudan and in the refugee camps. after my presentation many people were in tears some people were not even aware that the situation in south Sudan was to that magnitude as I described. I was approached by many people that evening and many pledging to pray even more for South Sudan.

I am so grateful to you for being part of this trip. I am inspired to do more for God’s people in South Sudan.


A Sunday School teacher Francis was able to further his studies thanks to funds raised from Inspired to Teach written by Anne Johns and Jenny Head back in 2015. Before January 2017 Francis was running a Sunday School Teacher’s programme in Kajo Keji diocese. Sadly he and his family had to flee the area because of the civil war and unrest. Francis was then invited to return to South Sudan to teach in Rumbek where life still went on despite the difficulties of the country, teaching forty-four Sunday School teachers from six Dioceses.