February Trip – Wednesday & Thursday

February Trip – Wednesday & Thursday

Both these days are following a similar pattern. Bishop Joseph and I have breakfast together and discuss more sensitive matters. Then the team of Edward Mika, Charles Kenyi, Alex Kenyi, Noel Lilija and Isaac Soro appear as they have been staying in another simple guesthouse down the road. They are on time both days smiling and relaxed – these three nights are also a little respite for them and way of recognising the good work they have been doing.

Cress team sessionWe meet in the nice dining room in the separate block that Joseph likes to stay in. We had purchased flipchart and paper the day before in Kampala – it was African Amazon as Patrick the driver and fixer of every need, has a friend, Asif who has a stationery business so Asif arrives with 2 boards for us to look at and purchase – we meet on the side of a busy road in Kampala on Tuesday and do the purchase – making sure the huge pile of notes do not blow away in the wind. Purchasing in cash is like playing monopoly here – £100 is 470,000 Ug Shx – this would perhaps need 23 x 20,000 notes the most common currency note!!!

So both today and yesterday we spent 4 hours with a coffee break doing a SWOT analysis on a number of CRESS projects followed by action points – some excellent discussions. They have a sandwich and chip lunch and I hurry off the the Lake Victoria Hotel to swim and read and relax – they went for a walk to look at the stunningly beautiful Lake Victoria.

We reconvene at 6pm for a group discussion. The topics, on Wednesday – working with other partners, and Thursday – social media and communication with donors etc.

Supper in the dark and out of doors and then retire.

With the stay, the aim is not to experience AWA “Africa Wins Again”, sometimes it is impossible to prevent. These are a few African happenings to us but really not many – Joseph and him team now plan ahead, make deadlines etc and with better internet we are able to make good progress.

  • Cash exchange has run out of money
  • Fans do not work in guest house
  • New employee at guest house takes on hour to produce coffee for 7 – we then explain how it can more easily done in Thermoses – next day arrives on time
  • They are unable to do the normal BBQ at guesthouse as they have no cash until I pay in cash – all guests are there through travel companies. Tonight we get BBQ as owner goes shopping our paid cash

Simba the dog I will next do the next and last blog in Dubai on my way home on Saturday night but it has been great so far – knowing the staff at Airport Guesthouse where we stay and Simba the dog is a feeling of being home.