Education in Lockdown – Update

Education in Lockdown – Update

We want to thank all our sponsors so much for supporting the students in Uganda through these difficult times.

As Uganda went into lockdown all the students who are supported through the CRESS Education Sponsorship programme were sent home. It was expected that schools would open in June, but a few days before they were due to open again lockdown was extended to protect the people of Uganda.

Home learning delivered to students at home
Home education packs delivered to students at home

Education at home

This does mean many of our students have been left with no educational support and nothing to keep them occupied during lockdown. So Jeska, CRESS Education Coordinator, developed a home education programme and materials were delivered to students so they could continue to learn.
Children recieving mateials ready for tutoring in August

Materials delivered for home tutoring during lockdown
Materials delivered to Mijale for home tutoring during lockdown

Tutoring at Home

With schools closed until at least September we wanted to plan a suitable continuation of our sponsored children’s education.

The Education Team in Arua have put together a plan for enabling students to be tutored at home. Parents will choose a local teacher who, after being checked by the Education Team, will lead their child with 1-1 tutoring as groups are not allowed during lockdown.
Above you can see the students with their materials ready to start their tutoring. We look forward to hearing reports from our students and their parents as this project commences and will keep you updated.

Bishop Joseph talks about Education

Tertiary Students
And what about our college students?

Murye Scopas, a college student studying Software Engineering, is currently volunteering in the DOL office and helping with IT. He has focused especially on helping the other students by training them to use with software on their laptops more effectively and gain their relevant certificates.

Some students are also enrolling for online courses and training, with CRESS enabling this by paying for the courses and purchasing internet.