Donation Enables Food Distribution to IDPs

Donation Enables Food Distribution to IDPs

The Diocese of Liwolo (DOL) was given 60 bags of rice to transport to the IDPs (Internally displaced people) in Logo. A local family in the Chalke Valley donated the money they raised by selling plants and this enabled CRESS to fund the transportation of the rice so it could be delivered to those in need.

We have just received a report from the Rev. Kenyi Alex Paul secretary to the DOL in Arua who said:

The rice has been distributed to 453 households (2,977 individuals). The IDPs from Korijo are now in Logo IDP in Liwolo Payam, Kendiri Boma. The food was donated by South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commissions Office in Juba.

It was received by the local leaders and the plan of distribution was shared before giving out the food, Briefing was done before the distribution exercise started and people understood the plan of distribution. Each household received 7kgs. There were three distribution points led by the zonal leaders using the beneficiaries lists.

Thanks to the young boy for the support through CRESS UK to facilitate the transportation of the food to Logo. May the Almighty God raise him up and provide him the necessary resources to support the needy in the world. The IDPs will not forget this innocent boy in their prayers.

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