CRESS students gain employment

CRESS students gain employment

Viola Poni
Joseph was very pleased to be able to meet up with Viola Poni on his recent trip to Kajo Keji in South Sudan. Viola Poni was a CRESS sponsored student who studied for a Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the Bukalasa Agricultural school and undertook work experience with the CRESS agriculture and clinic teams on diet and nutrition during COVID.

Joseph was pleased to report that she is:

currently working in Kajokeji hospital with nutrition department, employed for 6 months with GOAL international.

He also had news from Alia Gloria who studied a Diploma in Logistics and Procurement at UCC Pakwach.

Alia Gloria is also employed with Empower 1 as a logistic officer, distributing bibles to churches.
We have to thank God for this success.
Alia Gloria