CRESS Student Volunteering in DOL Office

CRESS Student Volunteering in DOL Office

We have asked the tertiary level students to let us know how they are getting – all the colleges still being closed due to coronavirus.

Scopas with Jackline Gire
Scopas with student Jackline Gire

Murye Scopas, a college student studying Software Engineering, is currently volunteering in the DOL office and helping with IT. He has got really stuck into his work there and has focused especially on helping the students. In this photo, he is meeting with student nurse Jackie Gire who he hopes will return to learn more IT skills during the lockdown. Her laptop is currently undergoing repairs, however.

He is doing this as he wishes to give back to CRESS to show how much he appreciates the support he has been given through his education.

“I want to take this time to thank God for Cress UK for their support towards my education, in my campus, we do a lot of tech exposition where students develop different applications and softwares and it’s displayed on certain days. My campus then invites students from different High Schools and colleges so that they can be inspired, it’s what we called the “Aptech Inspire project”!!! Our team were able to work on car that uses a sensor to operate, using some knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI).

CRESS has enabled me to obtain first class skills and experience especially exploring my own intelligence!!!  We learn a lot of creativity in this program!!!  This has contributed to my good score in the end of semester exams.


However, I have had struggled with attending all the workshops due to lack of money because you have to pay for each one. Though I did attend most of them by the help of CRESS UK support. I did miss out one if not two, but am still trying to bridge the gap through learning from my friends who attended all!!!

Finally Great thanks to all my sponsors, Caroline, Cress UK for standing with me throughout my time in school last year!!! And promise to do my best at school and become a better person tomorrow!!!”
Ivan Keni being trained this week
Ivan Keni being trained this week

This week Murye Scopas met up with Ivan Kenyi to train him so that he can get the most out of his student laptop. Ivan wrote to Caroline:

Hi dear Caroline,
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn something new from the training and I really enjoyed it because Murye made it easy for me to understand.
I have gained more experience in Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Database, Gmail and some online essentials.

These new skills will enable me to improve in my school research which is due this semester and also these skills will enable me to format or edit my school report on internship and school assignments.
This training is good for the college students to attend so that they can be well equipped with computer knowledge.