Cress has saved a woman’s sight!

Cress has saved a woman’s sight!

I get an email from Fred Taban whilst I am watching cricket (Fred is now back in his refugee camp in Uganda with his wife and family) – this is what he says :

“I got home to a joyous welcome from everybody really. But my joy has been dampened by my wife’s eye condition. Her left eye completely does not see! When I inquired of her why she didn’t tell me her situation earlier on, her humble and simple reply was, ” dear Fred you have more than enough to worry about. I didn’t want to add more. Your studies are more important than any other problem”. I took her to an optician for examination and the findings are that she has cataract and requires surgery asap and any delay will certainly affect the other good eye. The surgery and other requirements demands an equivalent of 400 pounds. My immediate prayer is for her to get the surgery if God allows by this week or next latest. Can you relay this to friends who may help us?  We need the money and Peres will be able to use her two eyes again.”

Obviously on receiving this email I made the unilateral decision to send the money out as soon as possible and look for funds later.  I send money using Western Union which is a good system and they can pick it up in a number of places and the charges are very small  So Cress has saved a woman’s sight!

Caroline Lamb, CEO & Founder

photo credit Michael Blythe