CRESS Graduates: Employment Update

CRESS Graduates: Employment Update

Did you know that only 0.4% of South Sudanese girls complete further education?

CRESS has supported 18 students through tertiary education, 17 have found employment.

Scopas, who has recently graduated is now supporting the Diocese of Liwolo and CRESS in the office in Arua has compiled this list for us.

  • Anna Modong works as a midwife in Juba
  • Beatrice Kiden works with Connect Africa NGO as Network Officer
  • Gladys Kiden works as a Journalist in Juba
  • Isaac Kwaje works as a cashier with the Diocese of Liwolo
  • JoJo Seme works as a clinical officer at Jehovah Rapha Clinic, the CRESS funded clinic in Mijale
  • Rokani Andrew is doing Graphics and Design in Arua
  • Golda Poni is a Monitoring and Evaluation officer in Gulu with East African Ministries
  • Samuel Alafi works as a Logistic officer in Juba
  • Kakiye Susan works as a Logistic officer in Juba
  • Poni Viola works with Goal International in Kajo Keji
  • Alia Gloria works as Logistic Officer with Empower one Arua
  • Ivan Kenyi works as an accountant at Jehovah Rapha Clinic, the CRESS funded clinic in Mijale
  • Kenyi Scopas works with Diocese of Kajo Keji as Assistant Logistic Officer
  • Yari Celina works with MSF as a clinical officer in South Sudan
  • Vicky Modong is waiting to go to Juba to look for job in humanitarian services
  • Murye Scopas works with Diocese of Liwolo as their I.T. officer
  • Jackie Gire is completing an internship as a nurse at the Health Center iii in Arua
Viola Poni

We are so pleased to have recently heard from Poni Viola who was a CRESS sponsored student who studied for a Diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the Bukalasa Agricultural school and undertook work experience with the CRESS agriculture and clinic teams on diet and nutrition during COVID.

Dear Caroline,

It’s been a while since we last communicated, I salute you and the team in Christ’s name. I am so excited to reach you this evening.
God has favoured me, I got an engagement with one of the organisations in Kajo keji county. All thanks to CRESS for the support and the mentorship I received. I came out here stronger because of you. Therefore I will be reaching the Diocese of Liwolo with my monthly donation to the CRESS envelope to enlarge the charity, though little, I am so excited to be able to start it.
Thanks you all, to Caroline, Bishop, and everyone else
I love you all for your support.
With love
Poni viola.