COVID Update

COVID Update

Week 26 of Lockdown

  • Confirmed cases are 6879
  • Recoveries are 2961
  • Deaths are 69
  • Active cases are 3849

Uganda has had a strict lockdown from the first known cases of the virus in the country. Many of the cases, to begin with, were lorry drivers crossing the border into the country. Restrictions were eased in areas away from the borders over the summer and this is the next big change.

Despite the increase in the number of cases the president relaxed the lockdown last Sunday when he addressed the nation and allowed the following to operate:

  • Borders are opened
  • Airports opened
  • Schools opened – Schools are to reopen and start on 15/10/2020 for final year students
  • Churches opened

Politicians are still debating as to whether the reopening of Schools is the best option at this current coronavirus situation.

The number of cases is rapidly increasing beyond the expected peak, so now the people of Uganda are at high risk of Coronavirus.