COVID update – education and clinic

COVID update – education and clinic

COVID in Uganda

Up to yesterday 09/07/2020, Uganda registered up to 1000 confirmed cases.
  • 908 recoveries
  • 92 active cases.and
  • 00 deaths
Most cases are the Ugandan returnees from other countries. And this still puts us at high risk.
So lockdown is still ongoing, especially at border districts.
The clinic is doing well. And as of now Arua is fine.

How is CRESS helping?

Education kits delivered
Education kits delivered


As Uganda went into lockdown all the students who are supported through the CRESS Education Sponsorship programme were sent home. It was expected that schools would open in June, but a few days before they were due to open again lockdown was extended to protect the people of Uganda.

This does mean many of our students have been left with no educational support and nothing to keep them occupied during lockdown.   So Jeska has developed a home education programme, delivering materials to students in their homes.

As we reported a few weeks ago, CRESS has been keeping up with the tertiary level students through Scopas, he has been using the time to enable the students to make better use of their laptops and has developed a training course for them.  8 students have now finished the training and completed final exams and achieved a certificate for Word and Excel while others are still completing the training.

Those students who have just completed their studies are also being supported in a  new initiative. Finding work for South Sudanese in Uganda is hard. Jobs are always given to a Ugandan if there is one with the skills. So CRESS is offering a work experience opportunity for a year, assisting with the projects in Uganda while they apply for jobs. Most jobs they will apply for will be in South Sudan working for NGOs. This initiative is being enabled again by their wonderful education sponsors.


Pita Mary with Jojo Seme
In the clinic with PPE

We have just sent another grant to the clinic for PPE to keep staff and patients there safe.