Coaching at home for sponsored students

Coaching at home for sponsored students

During August CRESS enabled many of our sponsored students get coaching at home. Parents chose a local teacher who, after being checked by the Education Team, taught their child with 1-1 tutoring over a period of a month.

Education Co-ordinator Jeska wrote

I am glad to share with you the supervision of student coaching in Mijale yesterday. We trust God for everything he has done during this COVID-19 Pandemic and out of what I have seen during my supervision, students and pupils are very committed in class with their teachers. I and our CRESS Education Team are monitoring this work closely. Many of them were very happy with the coaching, and are very busy doing something fruitful.

Some of the children are still away from their families at the places where they go to school, so have not been able to receive this tutoring.

Next steps: We are consolidating our experiences from this month’s home tutoring, ensuring as many as can are using their coaching opportunity. We have just had this new update from Jeska

Following the newspaper of 3rd September on schools reopening, it has only been confirmed that finalist medical students are to report back to college on 28 September for normal lessons and exams in November 2020.

We are still waiting to hear from the president on his decision for schools returning.