Clinic and Office Agriculture Projects

Clinic and Office Agriculture Projects

The gardens at the Diocese of Liwolo office and the clinic in Arua offer the opportunity for them to become a little more self-sufficient, providing food and through the sale of their produce money and for them to practice the techniques they are sharing with the agriculture and savings groups and pastors.

Poultry project at the office

The office is also running a poultry project and has sent us this report:

We have received the second batch of broiler chicks
We have received the second batch of broiler chicks on August 14th, 2021. A total of 150 were received, they are being taken care of very well, and are now 14 days old

There are many benefits when you opt for poultry farming. There is no question why many farmers love to invest in this kind of technique. Here are just some of the reasons why you should engage in poultry farming.

  • Provides nutritious and fresh food. The body need enough nutrients to survive. What’s excellent about this kind of food is that it’s not too costly. You can definitely afford to have meat and especially eggs.
  • Large capital is not required. One of the best reasons why farmers invest in this kind of farming is because it doesn’t require much capital. All one need to have is basic capital, then you are good to go.
  • Large space is not needed. If you want to have a commercial poultry farm, one need not have a huge space. Of course, this factor may depend on how many birds you wish to raise
  • Certain of high return of investment. Raising chicken can ensure a high yield. It is achievable within a short time. For example, if you opt for broiler chicken, you’re guaranteed that they will mature in a shorter time, allowing you to generate more profit.
  • Less maintenance required. What’s amazing about poultry farming is that it doesn’t need high maintenance unlike other farming ventures. There are simple rules that should be followed though, like following proper care and hygiene.


The team have sold their first batch of broiler chickens and received their second, they are now making plans for the future…

We have been able to work on the poultry business plan, projected for two years, 2021 to 2022. In this period, we will be able to ascertain the viability of the project in terms of income per batch of chicks received and successfully sold. Then from this point, it would give us the liberty to expand the project (space and size of birds per batch).

Clinic garden

The clinic has received some Avocado and Lemon plants from the agriculture team and report that the clinic market garden work is progressing on very well.

Ivan and the clinic team receiving their plants
Ivan and the clinic team receiving their plants
Ivan and the clinic garden
Ivan and the clinic garden